Spongebob soundtrack

Under My Rock es la décima canción del álbum The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Music from the movie and more...

Letra Editar

It's where you'll always find me,
If you're walking right behind me.
Where is it? Please remind me. Oh, yeah
Under my rock
Under my rock
Here's the bed that I lie in.
Laugh and sigh and cry in,
Or eat a piece of pie in.
Under my rock
Under my rock
It's cold and hard and kind of gray. (under my rock)
It's the only place I'll ever stay. (under my rock)
Got snacks in the fridge and a telephone. (under my rock)
In this stone that I call home.
Let's rock!
I got a welcome mat and dirty socks,
A sink, a table, and a secret box.
Myself and me can be alone,
In the stone that I call home.
That's the chair I sometimes doze on,
The hankie I blow my nose on... eww
Hey, my favorite show's on,
Under my rock
Under my rock
I guess that completes our tour.
So let me show you to the... door
That's all, there ain't no more.
Under my rock
Under my rock
Boys, take it home!
Oh, I already am home. (under my rock)
Yeah, it's where we are, (under my rock)
Still here. (under my rock)
Heh, this is prime real estate, baby! (under my rock)
Oh yeah. Everything I need, I got right here. (under my rock)
I don't need to go anywhere else. (under my rock)
It ain't much, but it's a place to hang my hat. (under my rock)
Well, I don't wear a hat. I wear shorts.
I can hang my shorts there, (under my rock)
Stand back, I'm taking 'em off. (rip).
Hey, where's everybody going? (under my rock)
There it is (under my rock)
There it is (under my rock)

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