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Pieza Compositor(es)
20th Century Gothic (a) Matthew Cang
30 Second Gigue Sam Fonteyn
60s Dreamer Michael Rheault, Miles F. Hill, M&M Records


Pieza Compositor(es)
Abject Terror Paul Lewis
Accusation Gerhard Trede
Achievements in Aviation Anthony Mawer
The Achterhoek Dances Jan Rap
Acquital David Lindup
Acrobats and Clowns (a) Alfi Kabiljo
Action and Glamour 8 Milan Pilar
Action Cut (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Acts of Heroism (a) Trevor Duncan
Advance Attack Sam Fonteyn
Action Stations 1 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
The Adventurers Paddy Kingsland, Paul Lawler
Adventure Fanfare 1 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
The Adventure Begins Jonathan Neal
Adventurers Larry Hochman
African Conflict Norman Dane
African Flute Friedel Berlipp
African Percussion (g) Robin Hogarth
African Xylophone Mark Nolan
Against All Odds Paul Lawler
Against The Law Wilfred William Burns
Age of Discovery Sam Spence
Agent Woodrow The Woodies
Aggressor Sam Fonteyn
Agitation Phillip Green
Agitation Bridges Phillip Green
Airs and Graces Paddy Kingsland
Air Power Sidney Sager
Al Capone Blues Eric Gemsa
Alekoki Kapono Beamer
Alex on the Road Steven Simmons
Alien Abduction Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Alien Menace Frederic Talgorn
Alien Spacecrafts Gregor F. Narholz
All Cars and Thames! Ralph Dollimore
All Hands Forward Gerald Crossman
Alley Cats Robert Mersey
Allo Paris! Nino Nardini
Aloha Dick Stephen Walter
Aloha Oe Hans Haider
Alone in the Old House Gregor F. Narholz
The Alphabet Song (a) Peter Gosling
Alpha to Omega (b) Dave Hewson
Alpine Holiday Harry Bluestone
The Alpine Waltz Dick Stephen Walter
Amazing Grace John Newton, John Wilberforce
America, A Dream Comes True Gregor F. Narholz
American Military Parade Gerhard Trede
American Odysseys Graham Preskett
Ancient Fanfares Harry Bluestone
And Now (a) Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Andy Anorak Christopher Marshall
Anguish Richard Hill
Animal Antics Phillip Green
Announcing the Top Gregor F. Narholz
Appalachian Banjo Duel Larry Hochman
Apprehensive 2 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Apolonia Sammy Burdson
Aquarium Bernard Rabaud, Eric Gemsa
Arizona Fanfare Jack Shaindlin
Armed Attack Jean Clero
Armed Attacks Mladen Franko
Armies on the Move Richard Myhill
Arnold is Back Gregor F. Narholz
Aspiración The Langhorns
Assault Geoff Love, Ken Thorne, Philip Green
The Assignment Gregor F. Narholz
Astronauts March Sam Spence
Attack Tony Hymas
Attack of the Giant Robots Cris Velasco
At the Ready Harry Edwards
At the Zoo Gerhard Trede
The August Waltz (a) Andy Vale
Awakening Memories Paul Fenoulhet
Award Winners (a) Otto Sieben


Pieza Compositor(es)
Baby Elephant Dick Stephen Walter
The Bachelor Lives Laurie Johnson
Bach's Toccata Peter Lea-Cox
Background Blues Otto Sieben
Backporch Blues Richard Myhill
Bad Tempi 1 Masters of Trash
Ballet Shoes Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Ballett Walzer (Ballet Waltz) Norbert Pawlicki
Ballroom Romance Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Bandits Andy Allan, Martyn Laight
Banners Victorious Ronald Hanmer
Banzai Rider The Surfdusters
Barbecue Beach Martin Busca
Bare Foot Robin Hogarth
Bartmania (a) Guy Moon
Bashful Eyes Kapono Beamer
Bat Stabs David Farnon
Battle at Sea Johnny Pearson
Battle March Links Keith Mansfield
Battle Zone Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Beach Boy Karl Kroll, Hilmar Doetsch
Beach Party Harry Bluestone
The Beast Within Paddy Kingsland
Beat Baby Harry Bluestone
Beautiful Moonlit Night George Wilson
Beauty Parade Syd Dale
Beer Festival Dick Stephen Walter
Beer (On This Table) Please Rosita S. Romano
Before the Beginning Graham De Wilde
Befuddled Pat Irwin
Befuddled Gent Phillip Green
Beheading of the King Laurie Johnson
Bella Italia Bruno Bertoli
Bell Hop (a) John Shakespeare
Bell Tree David Arnold
Best of the West Gregor F. Narholz
Beware the Ripper (c) Richard Myhill
Beyond the Galaxy Larry Hochman
Big Bad Giant Paddy Kingsland
Big Band Beat N/A
Big City Sidewalks Sam Spence
Big Ed's March Sam Spence
The Big Laugh Jurgen Schlachter
Big Scene F Hermann Langschwert
Big Show Theme Robert Sharples
Big Top Marching Band N/A
Bikini Babes Eric Spencer
Bird Lady from Ghost Town The Mel-Tones
Bittersweet Memory Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Bizarre Swing John Cacavas
Blackbeard Sam Fonteyn
The Black Death David Farnon
Black Empire Gregor F. Narholz
Black Stockings David Lindup
Black Swarm Simon Benson
Blaze of Brass (d) Cecil Milner
Blazing Trails Guy Fletcher, Rod Williams
Bliss Alec Gould
Blondes & Bullets (a) Ron Goodwin
Blood in the Gutter Laurie Johnson
Bloodbath Harry Lubin
Blow the Man Down Brian Peters, Robert Alexander White
Blue Blood (f) Gregor F. Narholz
Blue Danube Johann Strauss
Blue Dobro (a) Richard Myhill
Bobbins and Spindles Ronald Hanmer
Bobby Shaftoe Brian Peters
Bobsled Caesar Giovannini, Wayne Robinson
Bongo Crazy (b) Martyn David, Alan Bell, Roger Dexter
Bonnie Blue Gal Sam Spence
Border Run The Surfdusters
Bossa Cubana Gerhard Narholz
Botany Bay Robert Alexander White
Box Office Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Boy Wizard's Teacher Paul Lawler
Boys and Girls Brian Peters
Braden Beat Alan Moorhouse
Brahms' Lullaby Brad Carow, Curtis Schwartz
Brass Moment Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Brave and Bold Chris Payne, Paul Rogers
Break-Thru Gary Mills
Break In Harry Lubin
Breakfast Show David Arnold, Paul Hart
Bridal Chorus Richard Wagner
Bridge H Gregor F. Narholz
Bridgehead Sam Fonteyn
Bring Back Lars-Luis Linek
Bring on the Girls Dennis Farnon
Broadway Dazzle Peter Dennis
Broken Romance Mike Sunderland
Brushes Martyn David, Alan Bell, Roger Dexter
Buccaneer Overture David Arkenstone
Bucaneers Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Buckle Down March Sam Spence
Buenos Aires (b) Norman Candler
Buffalo Girls Martyn Laight
Buffoonery Van Phillips
Buggy Girl David Hamburger, John Hunter Jr., Jonathan Slott
Build Up Robert Sharples
Burglar Bill Andrew J.J. Hall
Bumbling (b) Bernd Gesell
Busy Life Cedric King-Palmer
Busy Schedule Cyril Watters
Busy Shoppers Len Stevens
Buzz Twist Eric Spencer


Pieza Compositor(es)
Caesar's Entry Gregor F. Narholz, Trevor Jones
Cafe De Paris Trevor Jones
California Baby (b) Jerry Burnham, Wayne Cook
Caliope Carousel Roger Roger
Calling All Clowns David Lindup
Call the Cops! Gary James Crockett, Jay Stuart Glover
Call to Destiny (a) Ron Goodwin
Camilla Nino Nardini
Camptown Races Stephen Foster, Edwina Travis-Chin
Can Can Dick Stephen Walter, George Wilson
Candlelight Waltz Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Caped Crusader David Farnon
Capering Clowns Max Saunders
Captain Lenoe's The Folk Players
Captain Pugwash Johnny Pearson
Carefree and Gay Phillip Green, Geoff Love, Ken Thorne
Careless March Marc Marc Dall'Anese
Carnival at the Fair William Merrick Farran
Carousel Ride Derek Holt
Cartoon Capers Dick Stephen Walter
Castle Life Maurice De Courpalay
Casualties of Love (b) Mladen Franko
Cattle Drive John Cacavas
Catwalk Kenny Graham
Celebrations Jan Rap
Cellar Search Philippe Pares
Cello Link (a) Dick Stephen Walter
Celtic Lands David Farnon
Central Park Breakdown (a) Paul Lenart, Bill Novick
Cha Cha Del Sol David Lindup
Cha Cha Nova Gerhard Narholz
Champagne Music
Champions March Harry Bluestone
Charge Will Schaefer
Chariot Race Helmuth Brandenburg
Charivari Clowns (a) Daniel Janin
Charleston Party (a) John Charles Fiddy, Otto Sieben
The Chase Gregor F. Narholz
Chase Me Chester Roger Roger
Chase That Car Laurie Johnson
Chasey Racey Norman Dane
Chasing Dragons Assaf Rinde
Chief Taravana Kapono Beamer
Children 2 Dave Hewson
Chill Out The Surfdusters
A Chilling Championship Sam Spence
Chinese Mystery Nino Nardini
Chinese Past 2 Yew Phoon
Chorus Line Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
A Christmas Fantasy (a) Ron Goodwin
A Christmas Suite Richard Harvey
Christmas Fantasy Gregor F. Narholz
Christmas Party David Snell
Christmas Morning David Snell
Cieszyn Polka Wladyslaw Raczkowski
Cinema Screen 3 Brian Fahey
Cinnamon Stick Frank Sterling
The Circus Comes to Town! Dick Stephen Walter
Circus Flourish Daniel Jean Jeannin
Circus Maximus Jean-Pierre Fouquey
Circus Overture Daniel Janin
Circus Parade Dick Stephen Walter
Ciribiribin George Wilson, Alberto Pestalozza
City Bustle Larry Hochman
City Dash Harry Lubin
City Desk Roland Hanmer
City Heat Gerhard Trede
City Links Peter Dennis
City Swell Harry Lubin
Civil War March Larry Hochman
Clarion Call Eric Winstone
Classic Soap Dieter Reith
Clear as Daylight Gerhard Trede
Climb to Altitude Trevor Duncan
Cloak and Dagger Phillip Green, Sean Elder
Clumsy Bernd Gesell
Clusters Otto Sieben
Cockney Capers Ray Davies
Cocksure Capers Phillip Green
Cocktail Lounge Dick Stephen Walter
Co Co Baby (a) Gil Flat
Coconut Cocktail Lionel Wendling
Code Dead End Gregor F. Narholz
Coffee Bar Peter Yorke
Cold Fear Dick Stephen Walter
Cold Sweat John Scott
Colonial March Larry Hochman
Colossus Alan Hawkshaw
Comic Capers (b) Charlie Brissette, Norman Mamey
Comic Cues Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Comic Tension (a) Dick Stephen Walter
Comic Walk Sidney Torch
The Coming Conflict Sam Spence
Coming to Get You Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Command Post Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Comu Fanfare (a) Francis Shaw
Conga Sammy Burdson
Conga Real Ronnie Hazzlehurst
Constant Menace John Fox
Cool Reception Jack Beaver
Coppelia Ballet Suite - Mazurka Leo Delibes, George Wilson
Cosmic Cloud Trevor Duncan
Cosmos Adventure 1 John Fox
Country Girl Martyn Laight, Beth Ann Clayton
Country Romp Harry Bluestone
Court Entrance Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Courting Clarients Stefan Maciejewski
Cravin' the Big Wave Tom Hedden, Vince Caputo, David Robidoux
Crazy Mind Harry Lubin
The Creature Gregor F. Narholz
Creatures in the Closet Cris Velasco
Creeping Up 29 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Crepe Suzette Cyril Watters
The Crime Busters Ralph Dollimore
Crime Capers Carlo Giacco
Crime Squad John Cameron
Crime and Danger Signs Hans Conzelmann, Delle Haensch
Crime Doesn't Pay Jack Beaver
Crime International Graham De Wilde
Crime Time Gerhard Trede
The Criminal Harry Lubin
Cristallisation Vladimir Cosma
Crocodile Tears (a) David Bell, Otto Sieben
Cucu Chama David Bradnum
Curley Shirley Otto Sieben
Curses of Evil Gregor F. Narholz
Curtain-Raiser Alan Braden
Curtains Up Norman Dane
Custom Cruiser The Mel-Tones
Cute and Lovable Phillip Green
Cutie Pie Philip Green, Geoffrey Love, Ken Thorne


Pieza Compositor(es)
Dachshund Walk John Fox, Mac Prindy
Da Jodel-Rudel Werner Bruggemann
Dämonen U. Urgewalten Gerhard Trede
Dance Floor Dave Arch, David Arnold, Simon D. Chamberlain
Dance Macabre Keith Mansfield
Dance of the Fumblers Sam Spence
Dance of the Lights Buddy Baker
Dancing in Dreamland (a) Ron Goodwin
Dancing the Hula Kapono Beamer
Danger Force Norman Dane
Danger HQ Norman Dane
Danger Lurks Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Danger Man 2 Norman Dane
Danger Sign Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Danger Zone Mike Sunderland
Dangerous Mladen Franko
A Dangerous Affair Richard Myhill
Dapper Don Frank Chacksfield
Dark and Scary Harry Lubin
Darting Around Harry Bluestone
Dashing White Sergeants Brian Douglas Gulland, Robert Alexander White
Dave Allen at Large Alan Hawkshaw
A Day by the Sea Dick Stephen Walter
Day of Reckoning Andrew James Blaney
Daydream Believer The Monkees
Daytime Drama Geoff Bastow
Deadline Sam Spence
Dead March 2 Frederic Chopin, Alfred Kluten
Death and Destruction Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Death of the Alien Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadking
To Death or Glory Laurie Johnson
Death in the City Jack Beaver
Death Throws Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadking
Death Traps Gregor F. Narholz
Deck the Halls Christopher Payne
Declamatory Chords Alan Braden
Deep Cover Carlo Giacco
Deep Grief 1 Otto Sieben
Deeply Moving Experience Gerhard Trede
Desolate Lands Harry Lubin
Desperate Dilemma Dick Stephen Walter
Desperate Situation Philip Green
Dialogue Blues (a) Hans Ehrlinger
Dickhauter Gerhard Trede
Dignity Peter Yorke
Dig it Baby Nino Nardini
Dingle's Regatta Brian Peters
Dinosaurs About John Fox, Mac Prindy
Dirgey Steve Marston
Dirty Work at the Crossroads Sam Fonteyn
Disastrous Event 2 Harry Lubin
Discovery Benny Carter
Disneyland Sam Fonteyn
Dissonance Dick Stephen Walter
Disturbances Gerhard Trede
Disturbing Facts (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Doctor Phibes Roger Wootton
Dombummel Gerhard Trede
Domestic Fun Ernest Tomlinson
Dorothy Tony Tape
Do the Hitchhike Syd Dale
Down by the Riverside Sunshine Skiffle Band
Down in the Dumps Paddy Kingsland
Dr. Death Trevor Bastow
Dracula 2020 (c) Gregor F. Narholz
Dragon Flight A Daryl Neil Griffith
Drama Link Georges Van Parys
Drama Links Hubert Clifford
Dramatic Bridges Phillip Green
Drama Stings Steve Marston
Dramatic Climax Mike Sunderland
Dramatic Cues Ronald Hanmer
Dramatic Encounter Gregor F. Narholz
Dramatic End #49 Harry Bluestone
Dramatic Episode 1 Kurt Rehfeld
Dramatic Impacts Ivor Slaney
Dramatic Sea Battle Gerhard Trede
Dramatic Stabs John Fox
The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (b) Robert Alexander White, Tim Laycock
Dreaming Flowers Gustav Lange, Krassimira Ziegler, Gerhard Kanzian
Dream Date Emil Cadkin, Phillip Green, William Loose
Dream of Tomorrow Trevor Duncan
Dream Sequence Dave Hewson
Dreaming of Paradise (b) Helene C.E. Muddiman
Dreamy Hawaii Terry Day
Dreamy Serenade Len Rawle
Dress Rehearsal #4 Harry Bluestone
Drinks Party Marc Andre Dall'Anese
Driving Jazz #9.06 David Arnold, Paul Hart
Droopy Arthur Harold Wilkinson
Drop Me Off at 42nd St. Paul Lenart, Bill Novick
Drum Roll to Cymbal #46 Alan Bell, Roger Dexter, Martyn David
Drummers and Fifers Roger Roger
The Drunken Sailor (b) Robin Jeffrey, Tim Laycock
The Drunken Sailor Brian Peters
Duel in the Dust Sam Spence
Duncan Gray Robert Alexander White


Pieza Compositor(es)
Eastern Journey Ronald Hanmer, Jack Beaver
Eastside Story (a) Trevor Duncan
Easy Days and Mellow Nights Glen Sutton, Norris Wilson
Editor's Falling Over Dick Stephen Walter
Eerie Tension (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Eight Dramatic Bridges Ronald Hanmer
El Dementia The Surfdusters
Elegance Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Emotion 2 John Fox, Otto Sieben
Emotion Blues Francois Fournet, Eric Gemsa
Emotional Drama #4 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Enchanted Gregor F. Narholz
Encirclement Jean Clero
Enemy Sighted Sam Fonteyn
English Country Garden Curtis Schwartz
Enraptured 29 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Enter the Villain Chris Payne, Paul Rogers
Entry Into Parliament Gerhard Trede
Entry of the Gladiators Julius Julius Fucik
Entry of the Heroes Gregor F. Narholz
Epic Adventure Dick Stephen Walter, Ron Goodwin
Epic of the South Larry Hochman
Epic Romance David Morse
Epic Struggle Fredrick Bayco
Epic Tragedy Gerhard Trede
Epilog Gerhard Trede
The Equalizer Sam Spence
'Er Indoors Johnny Hawksworth
The Escape John Scott
Esta Noche (a) Hans Ehrlinger
The Eternal Wave The Langhorns
Everlasting Gregor F. Narholz
Everybody Polka! Glenn Rueger
Evil Alien Attack 1 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Evil Apparitions Harry Lubin
Evil Atmosphere Clive Richardson
Evil Empire Ron Wasserman
Evil Horror Harry Lubin
Evil Spirits Louis Mofsie
Evil Wizard OL Udi Harpaz
Excited Chase 1 Phillip Green
Excited Tension 2 Phillip Green
Exciting Action (b) Mladen Franko
Exotique (a) Paul Lenart, Bill Novick
Expectant Stab #28 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Explorers 1 Harry Bluestone


Pieza Compositor(es)
Face at the Window Dick Stephen Walter
Facing the Challenge Gregor F. Narholz
Factory Workers Harry Bluestone
Fair Ride Judith Leonie Cann
Fairies (a) John Fox, Otto Sieben
Falling in Love Mike Sunderland
Fall to the Death Harry Lubin
Family Tales (h) Peter Balding, Otto Sieben
Fancytale Gregor F. Narholz
Fanfare for a King Sam Fonteyn
Fanfare of Rome David Farnon
Fantasy Caper 2 Paul Lawler
Fantasy Harp #69.10 Lee Jacobs
Fantasy Princess Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Farewell to the Islands Kapono Beamer
Fashion Note Lillian Munsie
Fashionable Enclosure Phillip Green
Fates Gregor F. Narholz
Fault Line The Mel-Tones
Fear Louis Clark
Fearing the Worst Harry Lubin
Federation of Planets Gregor G. Narholz
Festive Medley David Snell
Fierce Fight Gerhard Trede
Fiesta Party Norman Dane
Fife and Drum March Larry Hochman
Fight and Chase Sammy Burdson
Fight! Fight! Fight! (a) Will Schaefer
Fight for Ol'Schaefer U. Will Schaefer
Fight for Your Life! Gregor F. Narholz
Fight the Beast! Gregor F. Narholz
Fighter Pilots Charles Williams
Fighting Legions Gregor F. Narholz
Film Fanfare (a) Dick Stephen Walter
Final Conflict Harry Lubin
Final Fate Max Saunders
Final Resolution Gregor F. Narholz
Final Summit (a) Mladen Franko
Finders Creepers Paddy Kingsland
Finger of Fear Fredric Bayco
Fingers of Suspicion Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Fingerpickin' John David Edmed, Vic Flick
First Call/Call to the Post
First Lady Mladen Franko
Fisticuffs Laurie Johnson
Flare-Up Robert Pagan
Flight in Panic 1 Gregor F. Narholz
Flight of the Witches Cris Velasco
Floating Fortress (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Flop and Go (a) David Bell, Otto Sieben
Flower Display Jack Shaindlin
Fly by Night Montague Ewing
Folli the Foal Andrew Fenner
The Foot of the Hill Miloslav Verner
Footsteps Dick Stephen Walter
Footsteps of Horror W. Merreck Farran
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow Harry Bluestone, Trevor Thornton
Forbidden City Will Schaefer
Forever and a Day (a) Raun Burnham, Jerry Burnham
Forever Hollywood (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Forward Advance Laurie Johnson
Four & Three Harold Geller
Four Evil Men (c) Trevor Duncan
The Four Horseman Ronald Hanmer
The Four Seasons: Spring Antonio Vivaldi
Fox Trot Hiram Titus
Frankenstein's Niece Gregor F. Narholz
Fresh as a Daisy George French
Fresh Twist Eric Spencer
Friendly Aliens (b) Ron Goodwin
Friends and Family Phillip Green, Geoff Love, Ken Thorne
Friends and Neighbours Alan Hawkshaw
Frightmare Magnum Opus
From Another World Trevor Duncan
From the Dead Ronald Hanmer
Fruity Flute Harry Bluestone
Full of Beans Robert Schreier
Fully Fashioned George French
Fun at the Seaside Syd Dale
Funeral March of a Marionette Charles Francois Gounod, Ron Ronsted
Funeral March Otto Sieben, Peter Lea-Cox, Richard Myhill, Frederic Chopin, R.A.F. Music Library
Funeral Music Alfred Kluten
Funny Little Man Wyn Henry
Furtive Footsteps Paddy Kingsland


Pieza Compositor(es)
Gag 12 Zbigniew Wiszniewski
Gala (a) Dieter Reith
Gala Performance Laurie Johnson
Gala Premiere Laurie Johnson
Galleon Sam Fonteyn
Galloping Gertie Sam Fonteyn
Games Played in the Dark Richard Harvey
Gargantuan Harry Lubin
Gates of Troy David Farnon
Gay Activity Clive Richardson
Gay Dog Frank Chacksfield
Gay Time Alan Perry
Get 'em Off! (a) Richard Myhill
Ghastly Ghouls Sean Elder
Ghost Child (a) Dave Hewson
The Ghostly Graveyard (b) Roger Dexter
Ghostly Presence Harry Lubin
Giant Steps Ramon Codas
The Girl I Left Behind Me Brian Peters
Give It All You've Got Tony Cliff, Oswin Falquero, Brian Wade
Glamorous Affair (a) John Fox, Otto Sieben
Glamour Foxtrot Lillian Munsie
Glamour Party Michel Gaucher
Glissandos Skaila Kanga, Richard Myhill
Glissando Up Eric Allen
Glory Road Sam Fonteyn
Goblin Ballet Ernest Tomlinson
Goodbye Rodney Pete Ross Winslow
Good Bye Samba (a) Ben Nabor
Gorgeous Girl Kurt Schick
Gothic Adventure Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
Gracious Mood for Clarinet Otto Sieben
Grand Orchestral Fanfare Gregor F. Narholz
Grand Pastures Harry Bluestone
Grass Skirts Blowing Jan Rap
Graveyard Johnny Pearson
Great Achievements Nick Glennie-Smith
Great Moments Gregor F. Narholz
The Great White Gregor F. Narholz
The Grinder Rolf Anton Krueger
Groovy Baby Ib Glindemann, Harold Geller, Desmond Champ
Gruesome The Surfdusters
Guaracha Senorita Heidi Pehofer
Guerilla Warfare Harry Bluestone
Gunning for Danger Syd Dale
The Gunfighter Franco Micalizzi, Roberto Pregadio
Gunfighters and Lawmen John Cacavas
Gypsy Jazz March Sam Spence
Gypsy Violinist Dick Stephen Walter



Pieza Compositor(es)
I'll Never Fall in Love Again (b) Paul Lenart, Bill Novick
Idyll in the Clouds Ludo Philipp
Imminent 4 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Imminent Action Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Impression Gerhard Trede
Inferno Fredric Bayco
In Ancient Times (a) Gregor F. Narholz
In Dulci Jubilo Ib Glindemann
In House Jazz (b) Laszlo Beckner
In Loving Memory (b) Len Rawle
In the Cradle Dick Stephen Walter
In the Crypt Dave Hewson
In the Taverna Dick Stephen Walter
In Vogue Syd Dale
International Intrigue Joe Sherman
International Law Peter Yorke
Into the Wilderness Clive Richardson
The Intruder Philip Green
Invasion Force Harry Bluestone
Invincible Armada Gregor F. Narholz
The Irish Patriot Sam Spence
Irish Spree Leslie Bridgewater
Iron and Steel Fanfare John Epping
Island of Romance Bruce Campbell
Island Romance Jan Rap
It Came from Outer Space Ilona Sekacz
Its Showtime Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
I Saw Three Ships 29 (c) N/A
Italian Summer Hendric Haydegg


A Jolly Jaunt


Pieza Compositor(es)
Kalinka Helmut Kirchgassner
Kamakani (b) Kapono Beamer
Keel Row Brian Peters
Keep Cool Jean Christophe Thomas, Laurence Peter Cottle
Kentucky Banjo Guy Fletcher, Rod Williams
Kerry Polka Brian Peters
Keystone Chaos Ron Aspery
Kids Up and Go (b) Steve Sidwell
Killer Birds Gregor F. Narholz
Killer on the Run (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Killer Squad Simon Benson, Eugenio Grandi
The Killing Ground (a) Richard Harvey
King Conga Dennis Farnon
King Kong Coming Gregor F. Narholz
King of the Giants John Fox, Otto Sieben
The King's Codpiece Paddy Kingsland
The King's Fanfare Laurie Johnson
Kings Messenger Sam Fonteyn
Kiss for Tomorrow (e) Peter Balding, Otto Sieben
Kitsch Comedy Peter Jeffries
Kitsch Latin Cool Malcolm Lockyer
Kitsch Twist Harold Geller, Desmond Champ
Kleine Nachtmusik, Allegro Eine Paul Gaechter, Wolfgang Mozart
Knight Errant Sam Fonteyn
Knights of the Air Sam Fonteyn
Knuckleduster The Langhorns
Kona Angel The Surfdusters
Konfetti Claude Carrasu, Krys Moram, Jan Tyski
Kommissar Maigret Gerhard Trede
Kommissar X Gerhard Trede
Krazy Kops Marc Monsen
Krusty Krab Tango Steve Marston
Kung Fu Saturdays The Mel-Tones
K-55 The Woodies



  • Nostalgic Hawaii
  • No Fear


Pieza Compositor(es)
Ocean Man Ween
Ode to Peter Cushing Colin Towns
Off to Play David Snell
Of Love and Destiny Lucas Leighton
The Ogre Keith Nichols
O.K. Mr. Hillbilly (Instrumental) Roy Henley
Old Comrades Andrew Pilmer
Old Creepy Feeling John Scott
Old Hilo March Kapono Beamer
O Makalapua (b) Kapono Beamer
O Primavera Robert Foster, John Foster
Once Upon a Dream Clive Richardson
Once Upon a Time Gregor F. Narholz
On Fire Gregor F. Narholz
On the Beach Kapono Beamer
On with the Race Dennis Farnon
One Over the Eight Len Stevens
Open Tom Hedden
Open and End Fanfare Nino Nardini
Open Prairie Larry Hochman
Opening Trailer 2 Syd Dale
The Oracle David Farnon
Orchestral Climaxes Gregor F. Narholz
Orchestral Colours Marcin Pospieszalski
Orchestral Effects Dick Stephen Walter
Orchestral Ending (d) Dick Stephen Walter
Orchestral Flourishes Gregor F. Narholz
Orchestral Links 50 Mike Sunderland
Orchestral Suite #3 - Gavotte Fiachra Trench, Johann Sebastian Bach
Orchestrated Devices Raymond C. Jones
Organ a Go Go Syd Dale
The Orkney Rope Waltz Brian Peters
Ornamente No. 1 Gerhard Trede
The Outlaw Ron Goodwin
Outrage Peter Yorke
Out of the Crypt Harry Lubin
Over the Waves Andrew Pilmer, Juventino Rosas
Overture Gregor F. Narholz
Oyster Girls Robert Alexander White


Pieza Compositor(es)
Rainbow Delights Magnum Opus
Rakes of Kildair, Blackthornstick Frankie Hepburn, Austin Ince
The Rake Hornpipe Robert Alexander White
Ramblin' Man from Gramblin' Sam Spence
Raspberry C Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Rasping Brass Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Rat Race Maynard Nelson
Rat Trap Syd Dale
Razor's Edge Cedric King Palmer
Reach for the Stars Richard Harvey
Ready for Combat Gregor F. Narholz
Real Western Steel Bobby Black
Reckless Rufus Jerry Burnham, Stephen Wade, Tom Layton
Red Alert Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Reflections of Honolulu Daniel J. White
Regal March Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Reinstating the King Laurie Johnson
Relentless Chase Keith Nichols
Renaissance Dance David Farnon
Requiem, Sanctus Giuseppe Verdi
Rescue Cecil Milner
Rescued Keith Nichols
Retreat Sam Fonteyn
Retro Cool Steve Sechi, Big Fish Audio
Return of the Keystone Cops David Lindup
Return of the Surfin' Headhunters The Mel-Tones
Revelation Dick Stephen Walter
Revolution David Arnold, Paul Hart
Ride'em Cowboy David Lindup
Ride of the Valkyries Richard Wagner
Ride Stallion Ride 2 Billy Roues, Steven Roues, Gary Solomon
Riding the Range (a) Tony Kinsey
Rifleman Fiferman (a) Andy Vale
Ring-a-Ring O'Roses 59 David Snell
Rio Rhythm Mark Winter
Robot March Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Robo Files (b) Wesley Plass, Hannes Trieber
Rocking Monster (a) Hermann Langschwert, Wolfgang Killian
Rocket Sled to Oahu The Mel-Tones
Rococo Rondo Tedeusz Rozycki
Rodeo Stars (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Roll Up Waltz Andrew JJ Hall
Roman Empire Larry Hochman
Roman Legion David Farnon
Roman Legions John Cacavas
Roman March Robert Sharples
Roman Orgy David Farnon
Romance and Rhapsody Felton Rapley
Romance in Paris Ib Glindemann
Romantic Beguine Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Romantic Endeavour Thomas Kraus
Romantic Ending Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Romantic Entrance Harry Bluestone
[[Lista de música de producción asociada/r#Romantic Opening [#26]|Romantic Opening [#26]]] Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Romantic Waltz Geoffrey Henman
Romeo & Juliet Overture Pytor Illyich Tchaikovsky, Fiachra Trench
Room at Versailles Norman John Warren
Room for Gloom Sam Fonteyn
Roses from the South Johann Strauss II, George Wilson
Roundup Sam Spence
Royal Entrance Dick Stephen Walter
Royal Gala Dick Stephen Walter
Royal Hawaiian Hula Kapono Beamer
Royal King Jean-Pierre Fouquey
Royal Tableau Stuart Stirling
Royal Wedding Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Ruckus in the Henhouse Doug Perkins, Steve Goomas
Rue Blanche Ludovic Beier
Rue Montmartre Ludovic Beier
Rule Britannia Anthony Wakefield
Rule Britannia (a) Dick Stephen Walter
Runaway Train Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Running Bass Sam Spence
Ruthless Killer Phillip Green


Pieza Compositor(es)
Sabre Dance Aram Khachaturian
A Sad Affair Mike Sunderland
Sad Parting (a) Paddy Kingsland
Sailors Delight Harry Breuer, Jean-Jacques Perrey
Sailors Hornpipe Brian Peters
Sailors Hornpipe (a) Brian Gulland, Richard Harvey
Sailor's Waltz Heinz Matschurat
Salute to Caesar Gregor F. Narholz
Sailing Over the Dogger Bank Brian Douglas Gulland, Robin Jeffrey, Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White
Salute to the King (c) Paddy Kingsland
Samba in the Sky Colin Frechter
Samoa Hotel Salvatore Assenza, Franco Zauli
Sangoma (d) Richard Siluma
Santa Lucia (a) Janos Lehar
Santa's on His Way David Snell
Saucy Organ Ernst Lindemann
Savage Episode Len Stevens
Saw Theme William Trytell
Saxaboogie Harry Bluestone
Say it with a Smile Dick Stephen Walter
Scared Stiff John Fox
Scary Chase Alan Wynn
Scary Search Harry Lubin
Scary Shivers Sean Elder
Scary Strings 3 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
The Scene James Taylor
Scherzo Phrenia Gregor F. Narholz
Scintillating Stars John Howlett
Screen Heroes (a) Simon Chamberlain
Screw on the Loose Tony Lowry
Scotland the Brave/The Rowan Tree Rob Mathieson
Sculpture Georges Behar
Scurry Along Charles Williams
Sea Adventure Sam Spence
Sea Battle John Fox
Sea Fanfare John Fox
Search Party Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Sea Shanty Medley Philip Green
Seaside Special Jack Coles
Sea Story Ronald Hanmer
Secret Agent David Lindup
Secret Service Syd Dale
Secret Shadow John Scott
Secret Sleuth Max Saunders
Send them Victorious (b) Graham de Wilde
Senor Beguine Edwina Travis-Chin
Serenading the Night Jan Rap
Sergeant Jones Larry Hochman
Setting Sail Dick Stephen Walter
Seven Seas Oded Tzur
Shadow Villain Meyer Kupferman
Shark Alert David Farnon
Shark Attack John Charles Fiddy
Sharkskin The Surfdusters
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain Harry Bluestone/Saul Broudy, Zan McLeod, Stephen Wade
Shock Dave Hewson
Shock Cornelus Joh Bolten
Shock Attack Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Shock Entrance Harry Bluestone
Shock Happening Harry Lubin
Shock Headed Peter Ronald Hanmer
Shock Horror (a) Dick Stephen Walter
Shock Statement (a) Peter Lea-Cox
Shoppers World Harry Bluestone
Shopping Spree Laurie Johnson
Shopping Street Cedric King-Palmer
Shore Leave Will Hesling
Short Bridge 3 Harry Bluestone
Short Fanfares Alfred Kluten
Showbiz Entrances Harry Bluestone
Show Fanfare David Lindup
Showdown Gregor F. Narholz
The Shower 60 Gregor F. Narholz
Showpizz (a) Otto Sieben
Showtime Fanfares Harry Bluestone
Showtime Fill Gary Kettel
Showtime (c) Robert Sharples
Side Drums Mark Nolan
Silent Tears Keith Nichols
Silhouette No.3 Johnny Hawksworth
Silly Season A David Bell, Otto Sieben
The Silver Blade Ilona Sekacz
Silver Sparkle Harry Rabinowitz
Simply Fab Larry G. Wilcox
Simply Magical Jane Antonia Cornish
Sitar Gliss (b) Harbhajan Singh
Six Comedy Episodes 5 Ronald Hanmer
Six Powerful Cues Wilfred William Burns
Skater's Waltz George Wilson
Skills 2 Make Mills David Robidoux
Skyline Anthony Mawer
Skyscraper City Ronald Hanmer
Slap and Tickle Roger Roger
Slave Caravan Gregor F. Narholz
Sleazy Sax Richard Myhill
Sleeping Beauty David Farnon
Sleepy Time Dick Stephen Walter
Sleigh Bells David Arnold
Sleigh-Ride David Snell
Slick in the City Kenny Graham
Sliding 2 Hans Ehrlinger, Roy Etzel
[[Lista de música de producción asociada/s#Sliding Down [#68]|Sliding Down [#68]]] Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Slip 'n Slide Stephen Bulla, Jeff Kidwell
Slippery Sid Roger Roger
Slipping Over Dave Rogers, Paul Shaw
Sloopy Syd Dale
Slovakian Czardas Duo Lars-Luis Linek
Slow Figure Skating Gerhard Trede
Small Birds Philip Green
Smoke and Dreams Otto Sieben
Sneaking About Phillip Green
Sneaking Around Peter Challis, Marc Teitler
Sneaking Around You Didier Francois Goret
Sneaky Factor Billie Ray Fingers, Andrew Brick Johnson, Bruce Fingers
Sneeky Gregor F. Narholz
So Tired Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Soldier's Joy Samuel Morgan, Stephen Wade
Soljering On Sammy Burdson, Jean-Claude Madonne
[[Lista de música de producción asociada/s#Solo Harp [#60.06]|Solo Harp [#60.06]]] Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Someone Coming Raymond Jones
Soul Organ Impromptu Alan Hawkshaw
Sounds of Science 1 Josef Mundigl
South Pacific Island II Victor Cavini
South Sea Island Lullaby George Elliot
The Sovereign's March Barrie Hingley
Sozzled Sailor Max Saunders
Space Age Guitar Harold Geller, Desmond Champ
Spacecops are Go David Francis
Space Critters (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Space Explorers (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Space Fanfare Gregor F. Narholz
Space Horizons Wolf Helling
Space Quest Harry Lubin
Space Trek Philip Johnston, Norman Whittle
Space Work 14 Vladimir Kos
Spaghetti Cowboy Michael Robert Jakszyk
Spaghetti Western (a) Dick Stephen Walter
Spanish Ladies (b) Robert Alexander White
Speaking Guitar Gerhard Narholz
Speed Freak Freebie and the Bean, Freebie
Speed Trials (a) Rod Argent, Robert Howes
Spellweaver Magnum Opus
Spindlelegs Cedric King-Palmer
Spooks Fredric Bayco
Spooks Appear 1 Harry Lubin
Spooky Kenny Graham
Sport Fanfare Gerhard Trede
Sport Gallop Gerhard Trede
Sporting Triumph Ronald Hanmer
Sports and Games Gerhard Narholz
Sprightly Link 6 Harry Bluestone
Spring Cleaning Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Spring in the Air Duncan Lamont
Spring Song Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Fiachra Trench
Springtime for Lovers Len Stevens
Spritely Sprite Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Spy Dieguis Productions, Big Fish Audio
Stack of Leis Kapono Beamer
Stadium Rave (a) Mark Governor, Glenn Nishida
Stage Struck Jack Parnell
The Stalker Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Stand Up Comic Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Stand Boys Stand Jerry Burnham, Tony Ellis, Stephen Wade
Starboard Sam Spence
Starlight Flight Magnum Opus
Star Parade Tony Kinsey
Star Premiere Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Star Prizes (a) Tony Kinsey
Star Voyager Jane Antonia Cornish
Star Warriors Richard A. Harvey
Stars and Games Alf Saro
Static Time John Scott
Stealth Max Saunders
Stealth by Night Jack Coles
Stealthily Jack Shaindlin
Steel Guitar Rag Herbert Wallace
Stepping into Danger Mike Sunderland
[[Lista de música de producción asociada/s#Stepping Up [#61]|Stepping Up [#61]]] Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Steve's March Sam Spence
Stiff Upper Lip Paddy Kingsland
Stirred, Not Shaken! (a) Gregor F. Narholz
Stool Pigeon Kenny Graham
Stop Press Vivian Kennard
The Story Of The West (a) Ron Goodwin
The Storyteller Francis Shaw
Straight from Hell Gregor F. Narholz
Strange Goings-On Dick Stephen Walter
A Stranger in Town Jean-Sebastien Nouveau, Martin Duru
The Stranger in Town Tony Kinsey
Street Scene Robert Farnon
String Fashion Wilfred William Burns
Strip Tease David Farnon
Striptease A Peter Fallowel
Stupid Cupid Ronald Hanmer
Subversion Ralph Dollimore
Sugar Beat Sid Phillips
Sugar Plum Fairy 59 Richard A. Harvey
Sulla Riviera Bruno Bertoli
Sunny Samoa Jan Rap
Sunset Strip Reg Owen
Sunshine in Hawaii Max Mahlmann
Sunshine Whistle March C Niels Holland, H C Mylla
Supernatural Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Superquick Daniel Jean Jeannin
Super Hero Tony Hymas
Supreme Court Drama Harry Bluestone
Sure Man Roland Shaw
Surf Dieguis Productions, Big Fish Audio
Surf Buggy The Surfdusters
Surf's Up! (a) Jerry Burnham, Wayne Cook
Surfer Babies Jerry Burnham
Surfin' Fun Grahame Maclean, Barry Ryder
Surfin' Summer Richard Myhill
Surfin Summer Girls Ian Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett
Surfing Crazy Warren Bennett
Surfing Sounds Jim Gaffney, Patrick Wilson
Surfmania Eric Spencer
Surrender Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Sweet and Lovely Alan Braden
Sweet Annabelle Sam Fonteyn
Sweet Perfume Joe Sherman
Sweet Victory 1 David Eisley, Bob Kulick
Swing It! Optigan
Swingabout Warren Bennett
Sword Fight Sam Fonteyn/Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Sword Fight Alt. End Sam Fonteyn
The Sword of Damocles Jack Beaver
Sylvia - Cortege de Bacchus Leo Delibes
Sylvia: Pizzicati Leo Delibes
Symphonic Adventures Dick de Benedictis
Symphonic Panorama Gregor F. Narholz
Symphony No. 5: Allegro Con Brio Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No.6 in F (Pastoral), 1st Movement Fiachra Trench
Symphony No. 7 Ludwig van Beethoven
Syncy Winky ProjectSAM Symphobia Colours: Animator
Synopsis Frank Harlow


Pieza Compositor(es)
Tabu Daryl Neil Griffith
Ta-Ra Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Tagliatelle Francois Proust
Take a Bow 1 David Lindup
Take That! Helene C.E. Muddiman
Taking Up Positions Laurie Johnson
The Tale of Ben Hur 1 Gregor F. Narholz
Tale of Love Harry Lubin
Tales from the Swamp Ron Goodwin
Tales of Adventure Sam Spence
Target Hans Ehrlinger
Tautwalk Laurie Johnson
Tavern Tales David Snell
Tea Dance Norman John Warren
Team Trophy Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Tearaway Ralph Dollimore
Tearjerker Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Tell Her I Am Brian Douglas Gulland, Robert Alexander White
Tense Struggle Sam Spence
Tense Thoughts Harry Lubin
Terminal Pursuit (c) Paul Pritchard
Terrified Hubert Clifford
Terror Alan Braden
Terror by Night Hubert Clifford
Terror Hunt Phillip Green
Test Tube Experiment Paul Lewis
That's My Baby (a) Otto Sieben, John Charles Fiddy
Theatreland Dick Stephen Walter
The Thieving Magpie Overture Gioacchino Rossini, George Wilson
The Two Ronnies Alan Tew
Theme for Two Lovers Kenny Salmon
They're Coming! Trevor Duncan
This Space for Hire Sam Fonteyn
Thoughts of Summer Philippe Pares
Thrill Ride Gregor F. Narholz
Ticker Tape Cecil Milner
Tied to the Tracks Larry Hochman
Tightrope E Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Tiki Cabana The Mel-Tones
Tiki Dancing Lionel Wendling
Tiki Lounge Lionel Wendling, Gregory Ott
Tiki March Lionel Wendling
Tiki Rapido Lionel Wendling
Time for Bed Mark Emney
Time for Terror Jack Dorsey
Time In Space Gregor F. Narholz
Timpani Glissando (b) Gary Kettel
Timpani Logo Alan Bell, Roger Dexter, Martyn David
Timpani Opener March Sam Spence
Timpani Roll Sammy Burdson
Timpani Signal 1 Sammy Burdson
Timpani - Glissandos (a) Gary Kettel
Timpani - Military (d) Gary Kettel
Timpani - Rolls Gary Kettel
Tipsy Turvy Phillip Green
Tiptoe ProjectSAM Symphobia Colours: Animator
Tiptoe Link 1 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Tiptoe Through the Goblin Cave Chris Velasco
The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka Chelmsford Folk Band
This Year of Grace 1801 Len Beadle
Tiroler Jodler 2 Helmuth Brandenburg, Werner Bruggemann
Titi de Paris Daniel Jean Jeannin
Toad in the Hole Harold Smart
Today Ralph Dollimore
To Death or Glory Laurie Johnson
To Walk with Destiny (d) Ron Goodwin
Tom Fool Van Phillips
Tomb Raider Norman Dane
Tomfoolery David Snell
Tomorrow the World Cedric King-Palmer
Tonight Live C Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Tonight's Prizes Dick Stephen Walter
Too Tired A Hans Ehrlinger
Top Gameshow David Arnold, Paul Hart
Torn Apart Mike Sunderland
A Touch of Elegance Ray Hartley
Touch the Skies Barrie Hingley
Tough Mission David Farnon
Tower of Evil Magnum Opus
Towerstreet 17 Gerhard Narholz
Toy Soldiers Ron Aspery
Toyland March 2 Harry Bluestone
Toys for Boys Boris Schoska
Trade Fanfare Gerhard Trede
Traffic Control 6 Harry Lubin
Trafficscape Eric Winstone
Tragic Bridge Phillip Green
Tragic Embrace Peter Orm, Paul Orm
Tragic Situation Philip Green
Train Ride Sidney Torch
Trap Door David Lindup
Trapeze Andrew J.J. Hall
Travelling Circus Eric Jupp
Treachery Wilfred William Burns
Treasures of the Heart Alan Paul
Tribute to the King Gregor F. Narholz
Tricks and Traps James McConnel
Tripping Along Harry Bluestone
Tripping Upstairs Brian Peters
Tristesse Gerhard Trede
Triumphant Return Gregor F. Narholz
Trombone Cha Cha Don Lusher
Troop Movement Sam Fonteyn
Trouble Spot Van Phillips
Trumpet Call 1 Sam Fonteyn
Try On and On A Hans Ehrlinger
Turkey in the Straw 3 Saul Broudy, Zan Mc Leod, Samuel Morgan, Stephen Wade
TV Logo Terry Day
Twang Bar Blues 1 Steve Byrd
Twilight Serenade Bert Weedon
Twilight Zone Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
The Twin Sisters Chelmsford Folk Band
Twinkle Toes Fred Woods
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (b) Brian Douglas Gulland, Richard Harvey
Tympdown A Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Tympup Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy


Pieza Compositor(es)
Uh Oh Flutter-Eyed ProjectSAM Symphobia Colours: Animator
Ulkereien Gerhard Trede
Ulk-Fox Nr. 2 Gerhard Trede
Undercover Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Une Nuit au Cabaret Victor Cavini
Unease Dick Stephen Walter
The Unknown Ralph Dollimore
Unpreventable Gregor F. Narholz
Unsettled Menace Phillip Green
Untitled Tune Jack Shaindlin
Ups and Downs (d) Richard Myhill
Upward Glide Eric Allen
Up She Rises Sam Spence


Pieza Compositor(es)
V for Victory Sam Fonteyn
Vacation A Kapono Beamer, Mac Prindy
Valse Francaise (a) Paul Reeves
Variety Link (d) Dick Stephen Walter
Variety Performance Cedric Palmer
Vaudeville Act Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Vaudeville Knees Up Harry Bluestone
Vaudeville Show Larry Hochman
Vault of Secrets Magnum Opus
Vergnügungspark Gerhard Trede
Vernichtung Vergeltung Gerhard Trede
Verve Jack Shaindlin
Vesti La Giubba Luciano Pavarotti
Via Porchio Mario Tomasso, Sergio Tomassi
Vibe Links Richard Myhill
Victim 5 Harry Lubin
Victory Chords ProjectSAM Symphobia Colours: Animator
Victory of Love Gerhard Trede
Victory Parade Ronald Hanmer
Villains and Vampires (a) Sam Fonteyn
A Visit to Aunty Johnny Hawksworth
Visiting Royalty Harry Bluestone
Volga Boat Men Dick Stephen Walter
Voodoo Victim Gilbert Vinter
Votre Toast Georges Bizet, Paul Pritchard
Voyage of a Lifetime 1 John Fox


Pieza Compositor(es)
Waddle Cop David Farnon
Wah Wah (a) Richard Myhill
Waikiki Dance Lionel Wendling
Waikiki Queen Hans Haider
Wailing Strings Gerhard Trede
Wailing Theremin 2 Harry Lubin
Wait for It Van Phillips
Waiting for Santa Claus B Gregor F. Narholz
The Waiting Game Alan Wynn
Walking Bass Richard Myhill
Walking on the Beach A Kapono Beamer, Mac Prindy
Walk in a Nightmare Syd Dale
Waltz Elegante Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Waltz of the Flowers Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
Waltzing Flutes Gerhard Narholz
Waltzing in Dreamland Alan Moorhouse
War Agitato Jack Shaindlin
War Clouds Gary Kettel
War Lords Robert Cornford
War Statements Laurie Johnson
Wargames Keith Mansfield
Wargames Link (d) Keith Mansfield
Wargames Linking Sections Keith Mansfield
Warlord Wolfgang Kafer
War of Nerves John Scott
Washing Machine Jean-Jacques Perrey
Watch Out! Dick Stephen Walter
Watusi Beach (a) Steve Goomas, Doug Perkins
Wave Running A Charlie Brissette
The Way West Jack Dorsey
We Shall Return! 2 Udi Harpaz
Wedding March (Dixieland Version) Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Ed Wernov
Wedding March (Home Organ Version) Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Geoff Bastow
Wedding Procession Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Leslie Pearson
Weekend Break Philip Green, Geoffrey Love, Ken Thorne
Weightless Fredric Bayco
Weird Bridge Roger Roger
Welk Lounge Vinnie Zummo
West Point Larry Hochman
West Side Rumble Sam Spence
Western Ballad Pierre-Jean Gidon
Western Panorama Len Beadle
Western Pop Laurent Michel Lombard
Western Spaghetti Eric Caspar, Eric Gemsa
Western Square Dance (a) John Fox
Western Wedding Harry Bluestone
What? Sven Perner
Whatever It Takes Sam Spence
What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? Okko Bekker
The Wheels of Industry Robert Sharples
Wheels Within Wheels Ronald Hanmer
Where Am I? Gregor F. Narholz
Where Danger Lurks Ronald Hanmer
Where Dreams Come True (a) Ron Goodwin
Where's the Fire? John Charles Fiddy, Otto Sieben
Whimsey Arthur Wilkinson
Whimsical Walk Philip Green
Whisky Sour David Morse
Whisper from the Past Gregor F. Narholz
White Satin Fredric Bayco
Who's This (d) Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy
Why Am I So Poor? (b) Laszlo Borteri
The Wicked Witch John Fox, Otto Sieben
Wien Bleibt Wien Andrew Pilmer
The Wild Bunch Sam Spence
Wild Eyes Ronald Hanmer
Wild Panic Gregor F. Narholz
The Wild West Larry Hochman
The Wild West (a) Ron Goodwin
The Wild Wild West John Fox
Will He, Won't He? David Lindup
William Tell Overture Gioachino Rossini
Willy Nilly Cyril Watters
Window Shopping Peter Yorke
Winds of War Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Wishful Thinking Richard Myhill
With Following Winds Jan Schneeberg, Boris Schoska
With Tongue in Cheek Trevor Duncan
Witty Fellow Gerhard Trede
Woe is Me! Richard Myhill
Wonderland of Snow Terry Day
Wondrous Pastures John Fox
Wooden Bear Gil Flat, Tony Tape, Florian Voelxen
Workaday World Jack Beaver
Worker's Symphony Hans May
Workers Playtime Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Working Machines Gerhard Trede
World Events 2 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
World in Action Laurie Johnson
World of Fantasy Gregor F. Narholz
World of Sport Don Harper


Pieza Compositor(es)
Yankee Doodle Larry Hochman
Yodel of Joy Renato Bui, Martha Wild
Young Ballerina David Farnon
Youthful Days Mike Sunderland
Yuletide Medley David Snell


Pieza Compositor(es)
Zampano's Waltz Florence Caillon, Xavier Demerliac
Zelle Gerhard Trede
The Zodiac David Lindup
Zoo Doings Jack Shaindlin