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The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
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Directed and Produced by Stephen Hillenburg
Written and Storyboarded by Derek Drymon &
Tim Hill &
Stephen Hillenburg &
Kent Osborne &
Aaron Springer &
Paul Tibbitt
Based on a Story and the Series Created by Stephen Hillenburg
Producer Julia Pistor
Executive Producer Albie Hecht
Gina Shay
Derek Drymon
Sequence Director Derek Drymon
Mark Osborne
Director of Photography Jerzy Zielinski
Production Designer Nick Jennings
Editor Lynn Hobson
Supervising Animation Director Alan Smart
Lead Storyboard Artist Sherm Cohen
Animation Directors Dong Kun Won
Yu Mun Jeong
Hoon Choi
Hee Man Yang
Sang Kyun Shin
Music by Gregor Narholz
Executive Music Producer Karyn Rachtman
Line Producer Aaron Parry
Associate Producer Ramsey Naito
Story Edited by Tim Hill

Main cast
Tom Kenny SpongeBob
Clancy Brown Mr. Krabs
Rodger Bumpass Squidward
Bill Fagerbakke Patrick Star
Mr. Lawrence Plankton
Jill Talley Karen (The Computer Wife)
Carolyn Lawrence Sandy
Mary Jo Catlett Mrs. Puff
Jeffrey Tambor King Neptune
Scarlett Johansson Mindy
Alec Baldwin Dennis
David Hasselhoff Himself

Squinty the Pirate Kristopher Logan
Bonesy the Pirate D.P. FitzGerald
Scruffy the Pirate Cole McKay
Stitches the Pirate Dylan Haggerty
Captain Bart the Pirate Bart McCarthy
Inky the Pirate Henry Kingi
Tiny the Pirate Randolph Jones
Upper Deck the Pirate Paul Zies
Fingers the Pirate Gerard Griesbaum
Tangles the Pirate Aaron Hendry
Gummy the Pirate Maxie Santillan
Leatherbeard the Pirate Peter DeYoung
Tango the Pirate Gino Montesinos
Pokey the Pirate John Siciliano
Cookie the Pirate David Stifel
Martin the Pirate Alex Baker
Sniffy the Pirate Robin Russell
Salty the Pirate Tommy Schooler
Stovepipe the Pirate Ben Wilson
Dooby the Pirate Jose Zelaya
Usher Mageina Tovah
Concession Guys Chris Cummins
Todd Duffey
Tough Fish #2
Twin #2
Houston Voice
Tom Kenny
Man Cop
Perch Perkins
Attendant #1
Thug #1
Coughing Fish
Twin #1
Frog Fish Monster
Freed Fish
Dee Bradley Baker
Ice Cream Lady
Sirena Irwin
Fish #4 Rodger Bumpass
Fish #2
Chum Customer
Local Fish
Bill Fagerbakke
Fish #7
Attendant #2 (Lloyd)
Mr. Lawrence
Old Lady Jill Talley
Fish #3
Tough Fish #1 (Victor)
Tom Wilson
Goofy Goober Announcer
Carlos Alazraqui
Prisoner Joshua Seth
Singing Goofy Goober Tim Blaney
The Screamer
Voice of Fisherman
Derek Drymon
Laughing Bubble Aaron Springer
Cyclops Diver Aaron Hendry
Voice of the Cyclops Neil Ross
Voice of the Parrot Stephen Hillenburg
Fisherman Michael Patrick Bell
Digital Art Director Tania Francisco
Production Manager Andrew Egiziano
Additional Casting by Carroll Day Kimball
Paula Kaplan
Production Storyboard Artists Caleb Meurer
Mike Roth
Tuck Tucker
Erik C. Wiese
Storyboard Revisionists Zeus Cervas
Heather Martinez
Ted Seko
Character Designers Thaddeus Paul Couldron
Sherm Cohen
Todd White
Carley Yost
Conceptual Character Designers Tim Bjorkland
Craig Kellman
Bobby London
Doug Allen
Aaron Springer
Background Designer Kenny Pittenger
Prop Designer Thaddeus Paul Couldron
Layout Supervisor Marco Cinello
Layout Artists Casey Alexander
Fides Cutierrez
Karen Hamrock
Audrey Steadman
Layout Revisionist Eduardo Acosta
Los Angeles Animation Crew
Animation Timing Directors Andrew Overtoom
Tom Yasumi
Animatic Assembly Supervisor Andy Tauke
Animation Supervisor Frank Molieri
Overseas Animation Supervisor Scott Mansz
Animators Wayne Carlisi
Crystall Chesney
Mike Roth
Effects Animator John Bermudes
Clean-Up Supervisor Derek Lestrance
Lead Key Clean-Up Michele Secilia
Clean-Up Crew Aidan Flynn
Yoon Sook Nam
Phillip Sung
Background Painters Peter Bennett
Kit Boyce
Andy Clark
Wesley Pacuito
Digital Background Artist Carolyn Cuske
Color Modelist Dene Ann Heming
Checker and Translator Misoon Kim
Supervising Production Coordinator T. Aszur Hill
Supervising Editorial Coordinator Leslie Barker
Layout and Art Direction Coordinator Mike Bodkin
Production Coordinator Meredith Layne
Background and Animation Coordinator Louis Moulinet
Outsourcing Coordinator Van Starling
Editorial Coordinator Mary Bills
Casting & Recording Supervisor Jennie Monica
Assistant Production Coordinator Peter Busch
Assistant Layout Coordinator Joseph A. Ciardina
1st Assistant Editor Rich Dietl
Assistant Editor Robert Hedland
Assistant to Stephen Hillenburg Nathan W. Johnson
Assistant to Julia Pistor Nike Williams
Danielle L. Vauchn
Assistant to Gina Shay Gabrielle A. Thomas
Additional Artists
Additional Storyboard Artist Carson Kucler
Additional Background Design Paula Spence
Additional Animators Robberto Casale
Roger Chaisson
Philip Pignotti
William Waldman
Mat Williames
Additional Effects Animators Noe Carcia
Rodd Miller
Additional Clean-Up Artists Daniel Bond
Karenia Kaminski
Tad Huu Nguyen
Digital Ink and Painter Eddie Bakshi
Claymation by Mark Caballero
Seamus Walsh
Chris Finnegan
Head of Technology David Krause
Pre-Production Technology Support Tim Avery
Val Dela Rosa
Production Database Developers Matthew Hullum
Katherine Simpson
Editorial Assistant Kelly Donnellan
Animatic Assembly Assistants Casey Alexander
Aaron Alexovich
Dale A. Smith
Jung A Yoo
Track Readers Dale Berry
Michael Edmonds
Armetta Hamlett
Marking Projects Coordinators T. Aszur Hill
Gabrielle A. Thomas
Mary Bills
Pre-Production Management Tok Braun
Donna Castricone
Monica Mitchell
Additional Coordinator Danielle L. Vaughn
Production Assistants Jason Dodson
Aaron Brown
Todd Duffey
Tarsus Toas Jackson
Adam Lagattuta
Uma Nithipalan
Michael Ozmun
Eric Schlegel
Ryan Spence
Script Transcription Brian Stampnitsky
Charlie Stickney
Overseas Animation Production
by Rough Draft Studios, Inc.
Executive Producer in Charge Nikki Vanzo
Supervising Producer in Los Angeles Hyejoon Yun
Production Manager Chul Ho Kim
Production Coordination Yeon Hwa Joeng
Production Translation Young Won Kim
Production Assistants Joeng Yeol Park
Sang Lae Lim
Young Nam Lee
Additional Animation Directors Dong Soo Lee
Jun Hee Yoo
Animators Sook Taek Jung
Soo Jung Kang
Byung Choon Choi
Mi Kyung Myung
Yoo Sung Kim
Kun Ha Shin
Young Mi Jung
Sung Hoon Kim
Ki Soung
Young Dal Choi
Sung Hee Yim
In Ho Kim
Hyuk Joong Kwon
Seong Hee Jang
Soek Kyoo Kim
Sun Young Kim
Jae Young Kim
Myoung Sook Cha
Mal Sook Kim
Yoon Min Cho
Seung Jin Yoo
Byung Hwa Lee
Hyung Tae Kim
Assistant Animation - Chief Sung Soon Cho
Assistant Animation Jung Won Byun
Ji Young Son
Haw Soon Lee
Sun Ok Yoo
Hyun Mi Jung
Jung Ah Kang
So Young kang
Mi Jin Han
Jin Sook Kim
Kyung Ja Oh
Bo Young Koo
Bo Min Kim
Hye Jin Cho
Mi Yeon Bang
Kap Soo Baek
Jin Hee Kim
Hae Kyoung Lee
Jin Young Yu
Sun Mi Lee
Lee Sang Eun
Hyung Ju Lim
Eun Hee Kim
Hee Joeng Park
Eun Ju Hwang
Eung Young Seo
Eun Ju Ji
Soo Kyoung Lim
So Hee Lee
Animation Checkers Jong Bum Park
Hye Ja Kim
Background Painting
Backgroung Painting - Chiefs Eun Seo Park
Kyung Hee Kang
Backgroung Painters Eun Young Lee
Soo Eun Ahn
Min Jeong Soe
Hyoung Hak Han
Pil Sueng Shin
Mi Young Lee
Digital Backgroung So Yeon Choi
Sun Young Jang
Backgroung Painting Supervisor Yong Nam Park
Ink and Paint
Head of USAnimation Digital Dept. Woo Sung Joeng
Digital System - Chief Hae Jin Park
Digital Systme Jung Hee Yim
Seung Woo Hong
Eun Ha Park
Sang Keum Shin
Digital Scan Hyun Joo Lee
Hyun Joo Park
Na Young Kim
Digital Ink & Paint - Chief Soo Jin Yim
Digital Ink & Painters Hyun Ah Kim
Ki Nam An
Kang Jae Lee
Oo Hee Kim
Young In Choi
Hye Sun An
Seung Ok Shing
Kwi Ok Kim
Eun Young Kim
Ok Seeon Ji
Hye Yeop Yoon
Jung Hee Yim
Young Sook Hong
Nam Young Jung
Jin Hee Kim
Digital Camera - Chief Se Ho Na
Digital Camera Hyun Wook Cho
Min Seok Ji
Tae Hoon Lee
Los Angeles Crew
Line Producer Peter Tobyansen
Additonal Production Designer Chris Spellman
Casting by Judith Bouley
Choreography by Jacqui & Bill Landrum
1st Assistant Director Jonathan Southard
2nd Assistant Director William Greenfield
2nd 2nd Assistant Director Topher Miller
Production Supervisor Gregory H. Alpert
Art Director Tristan Bourne
Art Department Coordinator Drew P. Houpt
Set Decorator Kathy Lucas
Camera Operator Cris Lombardi
Sound Mixer David Kelson
1st Assistant Camera Mark Santoni
2nd Assistant Camera Scott Ronnow
Loader Roger Wall
Steadicam Operator Bill Brummond
Aerial Director of Photography Larry Blanford
Boom Operator Jesse Kaplan
Script Supervisor Anna Maria Quintana
Costume Designer Terri Valazza
Costume Supervisor Jennifer Jansen
Property Master Tim Wiles
Assistant Property Master Chuck Askerneese
Production Coordinator Gabriela Rios
Assistant Production Coordinator Jean Nakahara
Production Secretary Jessica Tate
Make-Up Department Head Art Anthony
Key Make-Up Artist Myke Michaels
Hair Stylist Barbara Cantu
Chief Lighting Technician Kelly Clear
Asst. Chief Lighting Technician Christopher Culliton
Set Lighting Technicians Willie Dawkins
Damon Liebowitz
Terence McNally
Chief Rigging Technician Donna Vega
Assistant Chief Rigging Technician Jeff Orsa
Rigging Electric Joseph M. Ressa
First Company Grip Brian H. Reynolds
Second Company Grip Toulouse Holliday
Dolly Grip Fred Cooper
Grips Timothy Day
Joseph Presson
Niel Williams
First Company Rigging Grip Mark Smith
Second Company Rigging Grip Jon "Scooter" Cousins
Special Effects Coordinator Brian Tipton
Special Effects Forepersons Matt McDonnell
Mark Noel
Special Effects Welder Josh King
On-Set Effect Technicians Corey Pritchett
Terry King
Welding Technician Samuel Dean
Effects Water Technician Daniel Ossello
Pre-Visualization Artist Casey Schatz
Leadperson A.T. "Tommy" Samona
Buyer Kristen L. Gassner
Set Dressers Bobby Fruge
James Barrows
Art Vasenius
Location Manager Greg Alpert
Assistant Location Manager Michael Louis
Security Gaffer Richard "Curly" Lopez
Extras Casting Kristan Berona
Construction Coordinator Karen Higgins
General Foreperson Steve Kissick
Propmaker Gang Bosses Mats Holmberg
Dave Ott
Propmakers Robert Espinoza
Jeff Goldberg
Keith McGee
Labor Foreperson Steve Valenzuela
Laborer Alex Ciron
Paint Supervisor Bob Denne
Painters Bob Denne, Sr.
Thomas Gibson
On-Set Painter Robert Schaefer II
Catering by Chef Robert
Chef Steve Watson
Assistant Chefs Benjamin Reyes
Horacio Vasquez
Craft Service Michael Kehoe
1st Assistant Auditor David Hickey
Accounting Clerk Bekki Hunter
Construction Estimator Laurie Arnow-Epstein
Assistant to Mr. Osborne Chris Cummins
Assistants to Mr. Hassehoff Heather Bogdanovich
Charlene Bergman
Production Assistants Mike Delpolito
J.T. Bock
William Dicenso
Video Assist Alex Cacciarelli
Transportation Consultant Joel Marrow
Transportation Captain Randy Cantor
Transportation Co-Captain Rodney Lee Bennett
Animals Provided by Bob Dunn Animal Service
Safety Consultant Paul Holehous
Medic Robert Caballero
Marine Coordinator Mike Neipris
Water Safety Rene Herrera
Boat Captain Jeff Pielet
Stunt Coordinator Pat Romano
Stunts Alex Daniels
Andy Cill
James Halty
Douglas Neithercut
Robert McDougall
Puppeteers Jonathan Silsby
Anthony Gardner
Russell Shinkle
Miniatures Lead Sculptor Joe Schmidt
Miniatures Sculptors Al Evans
Robert Tolone
Make Up Effects and Animatronic Effects
by Tony Gardner and Alterian Inc.
Supervisor Conor McCullagh
Sculpting Lilo Tauvao
Molding Anthony McCray
Howie Adams
Mechanical Design Russ Shinkle
Paint Supervisor Vance Hartwell
Hair Supervisor Ursala Hawks
Prosthetics Application Tim Huizing
Thom Floutz
Florida Crew
Production Consultant Nate Bruckner
On-Set Dresser Jim Williams
1st Assistant Camera Chris Fisher
Loader Shayna Alpert
Assistant Props Andrew Wert
Painter Carla Bailey Peters
Sound Mixer Mark Weber
Boom Operator Kevin Cherchiai
Production Assistants Kelly Pontillo
Jorge Senisse
Magdey Vigoa
Animal Wrangler Tammy Blackburn
Additional Hair Paulette Schoen
Additonal Make-Up Susie Pfifter
Kelly Nagle
Dolly Grip Luciano Rodriguez
Grips Kurt Glasser
Tony Janssen
Alan Malatesta
Electricians Bob Baker
Barry Lopez
Scott Stuart
Mark Wostak
Marine Consultant Mike McGuire
Captain Jay Palamino
Camera Boat Captain Mike Bomar
Boat Operator Luke Halpin
Utility Boat Deckhand Brendo "Bubba" Willard
Tug Boat Operators Jim Forholt
Allen Kurkland
Deckhand Mike Metz
Medic Fred Moyse
Digital Production
by Warner Bros. Animation
Associate Producer Steve Wilzbach
Digital Background
Digital Background Painter Supervisor Dennis Venizelos
Digital Background Painters Chris Duncan
Craig Kelly
Micki Zurcher
Scanners Dave Bonnel
Don Shump
Digital Painters Lisa Leonardi-Knight
Gina Evans
Animation Checkers Edwin Shortess
Penelope Sevier
Final Scene Planning
Final Scene Planning Supervisor Gina Bradley
Final Scene Planners Kim Patterson
Bingo Ferguson
Dan Larsen
Darin Drew
Steve Mills
Rick Moser
Digital Effects
Digital Effects Supervisor Miae Kim
Digital Effects Artists Joe Tseng
Rick Echevarria
Nadja Bonacina
Annie Wong
Jeff Defalquie
Color Compositing
Color Compositing Supervisor Sylvia Filcak
Color Compositors Constance Allen
Sarah Jane King
Pam Kleyman
Claire Williams
Allison Jota
Brandon Block
Final Check
Final Check Supervisor Dennis Bonnell
Final Checkers Doug Tiano
Louie Jhocson
Helen O Flynn
Assistant Production Managers Shannon Calde
Amy Wu
Animation Coordinator Mike Verano
Production Accountmant Zeba Fahid
HD Assembly by Whitney Gearin
Technology Support Goerge Aluzzi
Alan Hagge
Alexi Pierre
Steve Klavett
Steven Seed
ACME Digital Specialist Supervisor James Hathcock
ACME Digital Specialist Pauline Gallimard
Color Management Supervision Bill Baggelaar
Visual Effects
by WBA Visual Effects
Production Management
Visual Effects Supervisor Brad Kuehn
Visual Effects Producer Lori J. Nelson
Visual Effects Production Manager Blaine Whitney
Assistant Visual Effects Production Manager Gabrielle Barrerre Robinson
Compositing Supervisor Dan Levitan
Compositing TDs Beth Block
Charles Meredith
Christopher Dawson
Gilbert Conzales
Hugo Dominguez
Mathias Frodin
Rimas Juchnevicius
Jon Tanimoto
Chris S. Watts
Big Removal Department
Paint TDs Christine Cram
Barbara A. Bordo
Rotoscoping Department
Rotoscoping TDs Wally Chin
Laura Murillo
Computer Graphics
CG Supervisor Manny Wong
CG TD - FX Brett Boggs
John A. Armstrong
CG TD - Lighting and FX Jongo Yuk
Visual Effects Editorial
Assistant VFX Editor Daniel Arkin
Data i/O
Production Support Engineers Doug Luberts
Matt J. Popham
On-Set Support
VFX On-Set PA Edward Pedersen
Animation Catering by Boyz in the Kitchen
Sound/Music Departments
Supervising Sound Editor Timothy J. Borquez, M.P.S.E.
Supervising Soung Designer Jeff Hutchins
Sound Effects Editors Thomas Syslo
Eric Freeman
Doug Andorka
Marc Mailand
Dialogue/ADR Editors Matthew Brown
Tony Ostyn
Foley Editors Roy Braverman
Brian Mars
Scott Tinsley
Assistant Sound Editor Daisuke Sawa
Foley Artists Sarah Monat
Robin Harlan
Foley Mixer Randy K. Singer
ADR Mixer Bob Baron
ADR Voice Casting Joyce's Voices
Digital Sound Editing by Hacienda Post Inc.
Re-Recording Mixers Patrick Cyccone
Michael Keller
Additional Mixing Timothy J. Borquez, Cas
Doug Andorka
Eric Freeman
Production Dialogue Recording Engineers Mark Howlett
Carlos Sotolongo
Dolby Sound Consultant Jim Wright
Knee Slapping Sound Effects Courtesy of Kent Osborne
Music Orchestrated and Conducted by Gregor Narholz
Music Performed by The London Metropolitan Orchestra
Orchestra Leader Peter Manning
Orchestra Contractor Andy Brown
Recorded and Mixed by Peter Cobbin
Recorded and Mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London
Music Preparation Vic Fraser, Global Music Service
Music Editors Jay B. Richardson
Nick Carr
Assistant Music Editor Denise Okimoto
Music Clearance Sessing Music Services
Music Consultant Eban Schletter
"Bob Squad" Cue by Tom Rothrock
Technicolor Digital Imaging by
Digital Film Colorist Trent Johnson
Digital Intermediate Producers Carrie Holecek
Chris Holt
V.P. of Color Imaging R&D Joshua Pines
Imaging Supervisor Chris Kutcka
Title Sequence Composite Trey Freeman
Digital Opticals Rob Barr
Soundtrack Album Avaible on
Sire/Warner Bros. Records
"SpongeBob SquarePants Theme" by Derek Drymon, Stephen Hillenburg, Mark Harrison & Blaise Smith
Performed by The Pirates featuring Jeremy Birchall, Dwayne Condon, Craig Copeland Randy Crenshaw, Kevin Dorsey, Michael Geiger, Nick Jameson, Bob Joyce, Norman Large, Rick Logan & Gary Stockdale with The London Metropolitan Orchestra
Produced by Gregor Narholz
"Hawiian March" by Setsuo Dashi & Yasuteru Miura
Performed by The Waikikis
Courtesy of AMC Records Belgium
"Steel Licks" Written & Performed by Jeremy Wakefield
Courtesy of Nickelodeon
"Vibe Sting" Written & Performed by Nicolas Carr
Courtesy of Nickelodeon
"Goofy Goober Song" by Eban Schletter, Stephen Hillenburg, Derek Drymon, Tim Hill, Kent Osborne, Paul Tibbitt & Aaron Springer
Performed by Eban Shletter, Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke & Tim Blaney
Additional Vocals by Dee Bradley Baker, Tom Wilson & Carlos Alazraqui
Produced by Eban Schletter
"Steel Sting" Written & Performed by Jeremy Wakefield
Courtesy of Nickelodeon
"Drowsy Reef" Written & Performed by Jeremy Wakefield and Sage Guyton
Courtesy of Nickelodeon
"SpongeBob Theme" Written & Perforemed by Jeremy Wakefield and Sage Guyton
Courtesy of Nickelodeon
"Song Dedicated to the Giant Squid of the World" by Stephen Hillenburg, Steve Beller & Carlos Palazio
Performed by The Snails
Produced by Tom Rothrock
"You Better Swim" by Ian Fraser Kilmister
Performed by Motorhead
Produced by Tom Rothrock
"Here I Go Again" by David Coverdale & Bernard Marsden
Performed by Mike Tarantino
Produced by Tom Rothrock
"Now That We're Men" by Will Schaefer, Stephen Hillenburg, Derek Drymon, Tim Hill, Kent Osborne, Paul Tibbitt & Aaron Springer
Performed by Tom Kenny & Bill Fagerbakke with The London Metropolitan Orchestra
Featuring Tom Wilson, Dee Bradley Baker, Mr. Lawrence, Clancy Brown & Rodger Bumpass
Produced by Gregor Narholz
Courtesy of Sonoton
"Goofy Goober Rock" a derivative of "I Wanna Rock" by Dee Snider
New lyrics by Derek Drymon, Tim Hill, Stephen Hillenburg, Kent Osborne, Aaron Springer & Paul Tibbitt
Performed by Tom Rothrock & Jim Wise
Produced by Tom Rothrock
"Just a Gigolo"/"I Ain't Got Nobody" Performed by David Lee Roth
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records, Inc.
By arragement with Warner Strategic Marketing
"Just a Gigolo" by Irving Caesar, Leonello Casucci & Julius Brammer
"I Ain't Got Nobody" by Spencer Williams & Roger Graham
"I'll See You In Hawaii" by Tony Todaro
Performed by The Diamond Head Beachcombers
Courtesy of The RCA Records Label
Under license from BMG Film & TV Music
"Ocean Man" by Aaron Freeman & Michael Melchiondo
Performed by Ween
Courtesy of Elektra Entertaimennt Group
By arragement with Warner Strategic Marketing
"SpongeBob and Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy" by Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd & Michael Ivins
Performed by The Flaming Lips
Produced by The Flaming Lips, Dave Fridman & Scott Booker
The Flaming Lips perform courtesy of Warner Bros. Records, Inc.
"Just a Kid" by Jeff Tweedy
Performed & Produced by Wilco
Wilco performs courtesy of Nonesuch Records Inc.
"The Best Day Ever" by Andy Paley & Tom Kenny
Performed by Tom Kenny
Produced by Andy Paley
Camera Cranes and Dollies by Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc.
Filmed with Remote Cranes from Panavision Remote Systems
Additional Photographic Equipment by Geo Film Group, Inc.
Credit Sequence Wave Footage Courtesy of Jack McCoy
SpongeBob Plays Only Fernandez Cuitars
Dedicated to Jules Engel (1909?-2003)
The Filmmakers Wish to Thank
Billy Weber, Eric Coleman, Kevin Kay, Margie Cohn, Susan Crode, Mark Taylor, Brad Bird, Huntington Beach Surf Museum, George Greenough, Dick Vivian, Dan Crane, Nan Morales, John Sotelo, Milla Zeltzer, Chetan Patel, Cole Hannan, Heidi Johnson, Craig Aronson, Seymour Stein, Tom Whally, Karen Hillenburg, Clay Hillenburg, Anna Einsenman, Thoman Einsenman, Michael Eisenman, Nancy Drymon, Vera Drymon, Hazel Drymon, Madeline Drymon and Architeuthis
Production Babies: Antonio Atsuya Naito Mollura, Miles Christopher Bakshi, Cora Jane Baker, Nora Terese Kenny, Christian and Isabella Molieri, Emma Kate Bennett, Connor Jameson Wise, Kate Finley Wise, James Ransom Johnson-Brown
The HMS Bounty
Captain Robin Walbridge and Crew
St. Petersburg Convention & Visitors Bureau
Jennifer Parramore, Film Commissioner
The St. Petersburg Pier
Susan M. Robertson, Marketing Manager
Los Angeles Film Office
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